• Feeling Great

    Sometimes it’s not always about looking great as much as it is about feeling great. Vibrant, colourful and comfortable collections from Strawberry Lingerie are just what you need. Every day just got better.
  • The Perfect Fit.

    Make your body feel sexy with lingerie that’s made just for you. You deserve it!
  • Wake Up

    Always wake up on the right side of the bed. Strawberry Lingerie, for the woman who can’t afford to have anything but a great day
  • Elegant Innerwear

    Elegant innerwear for the inner girl in you. Let your cheeky side flourish with Lingerie for every kind of woman.
  • It doesn’t matter

    It doesn’t matter if you mix and match or go for a single colour. What matters is that you feel the way you want to feel, Sexy.
  • Sensual Lingerie

    Sensual lingerie from Strawberry just puts you in a good mood. It's all about you. It always has been!